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The 67th anniversary of the death of the Somerton Man comes up on November 30th this year and no progress has been made. There is only doubt to add to what little is known. Doubt that the suitcase found at the railway belonged to the Somerton Man, doubt as to whether the man seen alive at 7.30pm was the man found dead the following morning. Nobody has found anything: Gerry Feltus. Derek Abbott. Nick Pelling. Gordon Cramer waits for someone to validate his micro-code findings. Such is the way with science-based evidence.

Nobody has anything.

An English speaking man arrived at the Strathmore Hotel on about the 27th of November and registered himself in for about three days. He carried nothing but a flute case. The case contained the flute’s cleaning needle but no flute. He did not stay overnight in the hotel but came in every day and waited in the lobby. He departed on about December 1. Another man arrived in Adelaide on about the 30th of November and was murdered. He was found to have seven Kensitas cigarettes in his Army Club packet.

Two men. Two covert signs of identification. One murder.

I have something.

The needle in the haystack.


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